Orlando Based B2B Digital Marketing Copywriter

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My Services

Blog/Article Writing

I write targeted content that is focused on lead generation and designed to nurture your prospects through every phase of the buyer’s journey. If you’re looking for well researched, data-driven, engaging posts that your readers will value enough to share, then we’re on the same page.


My approach to copywriting is to first understand your audience. So, I ask lots of questions before getting started. I’m results oriented, so each piece is tailored with a strong headline, a conversational tone, and a clear call to action. You need compelling copy that draws attention, works for you and gets you more business. 

Content Marketing Consultation

I assist marketers who are blindly creating content only to experience a few trickles of new business from their efforts. I will analyze your challenges and help you establish a strategic long-term content marketing strategy that supports their company's overall initiatives.